Architectural Studies

Designs of Plans Elevations of proposed Buildings. Architectural concept drawings based on the first contact with the clients. Preliminary Designs withing the client's budget and final designs for the submission to the planning Authorities for Building Permits.

Civil Engineering

Production of structural plans and construction details of all kinds of Buildings including all structural analysis needed for every project. According to the type, size, the location and future use of each building the Civil Engineer is responsible to proceed with the Structural Analysis, and Designs. Reinforced Concrete and Structural steel are the most commonly used material selections by most of our clients. Timber houses are also popular for lower building costs and for increased thermal insulation.

3D Modeling

Our office Offers high Quality Photorealistic illustrations of the projects that require this unique and highly sophisticated service. Our own clients have the chance to see and to study in 3D mode the house or other building we are designing for them. We offer live views on computer and TV screens in our office and also at final stage we produce video Animation of the requested project.

Interior Design

Arrangement and Co-ordination of Internal Spaces in Shops and Residential units. Our Interior Designer has excellent experience in designing Houses, Flats, Shops and Other Commercial buildings.


Construction Cost Analysis

Generation of cost proposals for various kinds of structures and live monitoring of construction progress.


We Offer Site supervision service to our clients during the construction phase of their project and we sign the Construction Diary on a regular basis.

Electrical / Mechanical

We have a complete team working with us on every project in order to save time and extra expenses to our clients. Our team consists of Mechanical Engineers for all the mechanical installations, Heating and Ventilation and Hot/Cold water designs in Buildings.

Energy Consultants

In our effort to maintain low energy losses in the buildings we design, we offer renewable energy solutions to our clients and 99% of all new buildings have the Photovoltaic Systems which is proven to offer lower electricity costs to families and Businesses.

We Operate In These Markets :

● Private Housing – new build and refurbishment
● Developer housing
● Flats – new build and refurbishment
● One-off house
● House extension
● House renovation/repair
● House alteration
● House conversion
● Domestic garage
● Public Housing – new build and refurbishment
● Special Needs Housing – new build

● Industrial – new build and refurbishment
● Factory new build and refurbishment
● Warehousing new build

● Offices – new build and refurbishment
● Office extension
● Office Fit-out

● Leisure – new build and refurbishment
● Sports buildings – new build
● Hotel – new build and refurbishment
● Hotel fit-out
● Hotel extension
● Pub/bar alteration or re-fit
● Restaurant refurbishment

● Retail – new build
● Shop refurbishment
● Shop fit-out
● Car showroom refurbishment

● Health – new build and refurbishment
● Hospital – new build and refurbishment
● Care home – new build and refurbishment
● Education – new build and refurbishment
● School – new build and refurbishment
● School extension
● University – new build and refurbishment
● Student accommodation – refurbishment
● Church – new build and refurbishment
● Church – repairs
● Community Centre – new build and refurbishment

● Disabled access
● Mixed development – new build and refurbishment